Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ice, Ice, Baby

 At the beginning of the pandemic we didn't know much about the virus.  At first they told us not to wear masks and then they told us to wear them and then they told us to wear two masks. I read whatever information was available and tried to discern what advice made sense and came from a reliable source.  I bought antacids and zinc tablets and vitamin D. I kept hand sanitizer in the car.  I went grocery shopping only once a week in the early morning hours.  

One thing I read from some researcher who worked in studying viruses was that ice drinks might be unhealthy for various reasons.  Viruses are preserved in cold.  They might move to the back the throat with a cold beverage. Iced beverages were something the researcher was avoiding, he said.  So, I decided that I would avoid iced beverages also.  I had tap water, not cold water. At first it seemed really hard to not ice my drinks.  But, I got used to it.

But, now that I am completely immunized, I had ice tea for Easter.  It felt strange and a little daring.  I have gotten used to warm or tepid drinks.  But, I decided that I may let myself go and ice up again these days. It feels good to get back to normal, familiar activities.  Ice tea is just the tip of the ice berg, so to speak.  

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