Monday, April 15, 2019

Beta Test--Blogging Again

I took the blog offline for a while.  Somebody used some of my posts against me.  They weren't negative posts, they were positive.  I was aware that I might be sued if I slandered or libeled someone. So I left only the positive stuff and even made it look better than I believed things were. My own words were used to hurt me, to make me look stupid.  I did.  I looked really stupid.  So, I thought I would never blog again.

But, time has passed.  I miss the blog.  I miss the act of putting words out onto the world wide web.  I will try to be more careful this time.  But, truth is, people will use things against you.  It is a reflection of who they are, not who I am.  There is no protection in this world from bad people, no total protection.  But, I can try to echo hope.  I can be myself and share my thoughts.

Learn from me, anything you put out there can and will be used against you.  You have the right to remain silent and sometimes that is the smartest choice.  But, hey, I have already been made to look really stupid, so I will risk the consequences.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sailing Into Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, the capital of Alaska, can not be reached by roadway.  You fly or you sail to get to Juneau.  There is a 30 something roadway that goes through the city and concludes at mountain and sea at both ends.   We sailed into Juneau in the afternoon.
Gulls on the beach?  Part of the Juneau highway system.
There were boats and houses along the passage up to Juneau.
And waterfalls. This one is creating quite a gorge.  I wonder if it will be the Grand Canyon someday.
This is how it looked from a distance. 
Juneau is in a coastal rain forest and rains most of the time, so I was told.  But, not on the day I was there.  It was clear sailing all the way without a cloud in sight.

The bare top of the mountain is above the tree line, too cold up there for trees.
I imagine that most of the year there is snow up there on top of the mountain, but by September it had vanished, melted, running down the mountain.
The Pearl rounded a bend and there was a cruise ship docked.  We were reaching Juneau.
Juneau clutches the little piece of land between the mountains and the sea.
Mountains and the sea, that is Juneau.
I was trying to get a picture of the big bird which is a white speck in the picture.  A very big bird.
Still heading into Juneau.
There is a cable car thing going up the side of one of the mountains.
And there is little Juneau.  A sunny day.
They keep the frontage to the dock looking old school, I am guessing.
The Pearl was not the only ship docked that day.

The dock for the cruise ship was a distance from the main part of the city that encompasses the capital.
The dock was fancy, welcoming all of the cruisers and our money.
This parking garage was the public library.  If I had the time, I would have checked it out.  If I ever go to Juneau again, I will check it out.
But I had a shore tour booked.  I got off the ship and onto a bus that took us through town. I will continue the rest later.  I guess the animal rights people don't know about this place. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Day Three, Heading North Toward Juneau

The second full day of the cruise, Tuesday, was mostly on the water.  We were heading toward the farthest north we would go, to Juneau, Alaska. Juneau is quite a ways from Seattle, as the boat sails.  But we entered the passage where there were islands and the sea was less rough.

By this day we were sailing off Alaska on US waters.  Most of the land adjoining the sea was national park.
Out on the deck, the air got rather chilly.  This was north.
The sun was different than it looks in the middle of the US.
The land was largely unpopulated.  It was just wild land.
From a distance I thought this was a boat, but as we got closer it was an ice flow.
The mountains didn't look so big, but the summit is above the tree line.
I wondered from which tidal glacier this ice flow was calved.
Mountains and sea, that was the view for the day.  I couldn't get enough.
Think of the power of the sea that just the night before had tossed around this huge ship and that had thrust these mountains toward the sky. God's power.  This day I pondered why I had come to Alaska and what I was learning from this trip.  Over and over again I heard. "God loves me."
Layers of mountains and a glacier at the top of the farthest one.  The ice on that mountain is never coming to the sea except as melting water.
I wonder the name of this mountain and glacier.  All the glaciers seem to have names.
I pulled it closer with the zoom lens.
The sort of amazing thing to me was that our ship sailed mostly alone, not another ship in sight.  Maybe it was because it was September, late in the season for Alaska.
More ice flows.
I think I would call this glacier "cow face."
Just our ship and ice, sea and mountains.
It took us a long time to pass this glacier.
It looks to me as though the cow is sniffing a daisy.
Too many pictures of this glacier, I know.  And I blame the angle on the ship rocking.
So much nothing, or everything.  But look at the shiny spot on the sea.
And finally the land got closer and closer.  We headed up the inland passage.  This is the dining area of the buffet which was almost always open.
The mountains were made of rock.  There were gorges and waterfalls where the streams brought water down from the tops of the mountains.
The tress changes and disappeared as they went up the mountain.
The Great Outdoors, the restaurant on the back of the ship.
The water became so smooth.  Like a lake.
The water turned green closer to the land.
There were little settlements on the way toward Juneau.
Someone says there was a whale over there.  I see ripples, not a whale.
Our Norwegian Pearl headed up the fjords to Juneau.
We got closer and closer to the trees. and finally sailed up the fjord to Juneau.