Monday, October 8, 2018

Sailing, Day 2, At Sea

If you don't like water pictures, skip today.  On Monday we spent the whole day sailing toward Juneau, Alaska from Seattle, Washington.  Part of the day we were beyond the sight of land.
The swells were really rough on Sunday night and a good many people were seasick.  Not me.  I apparently have a cast iron stomach.We had Mass at 9am and I was up really early, so I had time to eat breakfast and still go to Mass.  Unfortunately our priest was almost unable to celebrate Mass due to seasickness. But, prayers got us through it.
The seas don't look that bad, but the swells really bounced the boat around.
I may have put this in the last post as sunset, but I think that it is actually sunrise.
I took a lot of photos of the sea.  I did a lot of praying as I watched the ocean and I wanted to remember it, a whole day at sea.
The foam from the ship and the blue of the sea is a special kind of beautiful.
And as we headed up past Canada, there were times that it cleared off and the waves calmed down.
Choppy foam, if I could paint anything besides walls, I would paint this.
The mystery of sea foam.  Bubbles and bubbles.
The wake left by the ship at the stern.
We left a trail in the water that gradually disappeared.
I would love to make a quilt or wall hanging of the sea.
Look at those colors.
The side of the ship.  I looked and looked for whales, but I didn't see any that day.
As the day progressed the skies clouded up and the grays appeared.
I wondered how fast we were going.  In miles per hour, not knots.
Canada was appearing on the left and open ocean on the right.
See, mountains!  After a day at sea, it was exciting.
But they weren't close.
Still blue sky, but more clouds.
I went to a program on shore tours in the auditorium.  It didn't change my mind about the ones I had paid for before the cruise.

In the early evening, it began to rain or drizzle lightly and a little rainbow appeared in the distance.
It was by the land, Canada.  I stayed inside at the buffet and snapped some pictures.
The rainbow is such a potent sign from God.

Then the rain and the sea swallowed up the rainbow.

And then it cleared a bit and the rainbow came back into sight.
We had a scheduled dinner with the pilgrimage group at one of the restaurants on board.  And the rainbow decided to show itself full force.
But it wasn't the most ideal place to take a picture.  But trust me, it was a beautiful rainbow.
After dinner, back in my cabin, Maria, my steward had left me a towel creature.

I wasn't totally sure what he was supposed to be, but he was cute and he made me smile.  Good night to the first day and night at sea.  God bless us, every one.

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