Tuesday, March 6, 2018


So, as the sun was going down after the hospital stop, we headed to our hotel on the Sea of Galilee.
This was my first view of the "sea." The Sea of Galilee is a lake, fresh water.  Sometimes called Lake Tiberius.
Before dark we arrived at our second hotel in Israel.  The U Boutique which is a resort with all the amenities of the usual resort.  A beach, and swimming pool, not open in the winter.  They served a lovely spread at breakfast and dinner.
There were cookies and water in the room for us.
And the resort was in an ordinary Israeli town with shops and restaurants.
The next morning we were scheduled for a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee.
There were problems with the boat, so we had to wait for a second one.  It was cold and spitting rain.
The Sea of Galilee does not take bad pictures.  It was beautiful, a beautiful place.
The Golan Heights are across the lake.
And boats, mostly for tourists, some for fishing.
This one was too big for our little group of about 30.
And what kind of bird?  I don't know.  The guide told us that the Sea of Galilee is a flyway from Europe to Africa.
Beautiful clouds over Galilee.
It was a morning to experience the Sea.
And God sent us a rainbow. The rainbow was about over Magdala.
And another photo of the same.
Looking from the boat which flew an American flag for us.
The water while it rained on us.
And we came through the rain.
Looking back at our boat after we docked.

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