Friday, January 19, 2018

Losing Things, Finding Things

Getting ready for the trip I have had a lot of things to find.  Everything from spare car keys to hand sanitizer.  Some of it I find readily, and some things elude me.  So, I pray.  I lean heavily on the prayers of St. Anthony.  He is probably tired of me by now. I know that I am tired of looking for things.

The root causes of my random wanderings and pawing through boxes is that I am not a terribly organized person.  I am a bit spacey and I keep too many things, slightly short of being a hoarder.  Add to that my moving 3 times in three years, retiring from teaching, moving my mom twice and storing her stuff, and not quite being completely settled in this "new" house.

But as I searched high and low for the lost car key, it occurred to me that losing things and finding them is not a new phenomenon. The lost coin and the lost sheep in the Bible are two parables that people back then and today could and can relate to because everybody is looking for something as some song says....

I found the car key and the hand sanitizer and the million other things I was looking for.  The things I forget, I will do without or replace.  The point isn't how I dress or even how I smell, but the things I see and feel and do on the trip.  I am trying to learn to pack lighter.  Less things to lose.

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