Tuesday, September 12, 2017

You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine

Okay, who likes to deal with companies that don't show up to do things they are contracted for, or bills that include things you didn't buy, or forgetting your PIN and having to make some phone calls. And the answer is--Me, Me, pick Me!  I enjoy dealing with the problems of life these days.  Who would have believed it?

The factors that have changed things for me are, of course, retirement, having time to take care of things makes all of the difference. But, being single again is another important factor.  I am not a fearful, anxious person.  I had become fearful and anxious due to circumstaces beyond my control. Once I changed the circumstances, I realized that problems aren't that hard to handle.  There is no perfect solution to most things, but if I work at the solution, it usually happens sooner or later.

I enjoy slogging in and working things out.  There is a certain satisfaction in handling troubles akin to cleaning the clothes or sweeping the floors.  I don't need any extra problems, you can keep yours.  But, I will keep my own problems, thank you very much.  It is rewarding to act like a grown up and handle the problems of my own life.  It is empowering. (And if I am being entirely honest, I will admit that I have a raft of saints I go to to help me with these problems. I am not alone.)

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