Thursday, September 7, 2017


I am not a physics and astronomy person.  In fact, I dropped out of those classes both in high school and in college.  I couldn't do the math for things in motion.  It boggles my brain.  So, don't take this explanation as anything scientific.  And don't quote me on this.  This is mainly my dreams and imaginations.

But, someone describing the big bang theory talked about how at the core the big bang was an explosion of hydrogen.  All things were hydrogen somehow.  Then the rest of the elements were formed by the burning or the explosions of stars.  This wasn't at a science talk, I heard this in a discussion at church by someone in a group answering questions related to Bishop Barron's DVDs on the Mystery of God.  I know I don't have the details correct and didn't understand half of what was said, but my ears tickled at the idea that the stars made all the elements and sent them dancing around the galaxies.

Because, in my imagination all I heard was, the elements are made of stardust.  And stardust has a romantic, fanciful interpretation to me. Stardust.  God made me a part of all the stars and galaxies and all of that out there.  Imagine that.

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