Saturday, September 16, 2017

For Dawn, A Boring Post for Saturday

A long long time ago in a galaxy far away, I used to blog daily.  I started this even before the more modern advances like "scheduling posts" were available.  This meant I had to physically get on ye olde computer each and every day to accomplish this feat of blogging.

And by daily I meant EVERY DAY, I didn't skip Saturdays and Sundays even though it seemed like few people actually read the blog on those days.  Sunday prayers were an easy solution and I love writing prayers, so that was that.  Saturdays were harder.  If I wrote about something really interesting or exciting few people would actually read it.  If I didn't blog on Saturdays it felt off kelter.  So, for a brief time I tried something I called "Boring Posts for Saturdays."  I even invited people to bore along with me.  A few people did, once, or possibly twice.  But, I just kept boring and boring.  My bloggy friend Dawn, who I have never actually met, but lives in my heart and my prayers made some logos for the Boring Posts.

Aren't they cool? or sick or whatever kids are saying these days? Anyway, Dawn has moved along, but occasionally reads my blog still. I was thinking of they way this blog used to be the other day and I decided maybe I could write yet another Boring Post for Saturday about the boring posts....Thanks, Dawn.  I include you in my prayers.


Dawn said...

I'm all teary because you remember me and keep me in your prayers! I remember that galaxy from long ago. I miss it, but Life changes things. You stay in my prayers, as well. <3 Love seeing these old logos.

Mary said...

You are so right, that life changes. And yes, I keep you and your little family in my prayers.