Saturday, September 9, 2017

Finnagan, Begin Again

When I was a kid and we were doing a routine or a song that had an end, when we wanted to start over or continue the dancing, singing, jumping or whatever, we often said, "Finnagan, Begin Again."  It probably means something or comes from a famous show.  But, if so, I never knew it.  But, right now, I am at the Finnagan, Begin Again point in my life.

I am almost roughly unpacked from the move.  It will be several months or years before I can say, "Done" to the move.  But, I am almost settled enough to have people over.  I want to do a house blessing.  It seems like a cool thing to do and a way to have happiness, safety and security in my home.  A way to dedicate my living space to the Lord.

I love the life I am making here.  I am unmarried, unworking, and unmedicated.  The big side effect getting off the anti-depressancts for me was itching.  I itched all over.  I was able to back up and continue a dose a little longer and get rid of the effects, but itching, who would have thought that would be the troubling side effect?  And I don't miss work at all.  I miss the kids a little, but the Chromebooks, not at all.  There was a big turnover in staff, so I am not even sure I would know most of the people who work at my school these days.

So, as I begin again, it isn't more of the same thing as the phrase used to mean as a kid.  This time it is more of better.  The world is my oyster.  I can go to daily Mass or travel or shop in the middle of the day.  I applied for a passport, a library card and received the the mail my senior national parks pass all on the same day.  Adventures await.

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