Monday, September 11, 2017

Blow, Winds, Blow

I have been through hurricanes in my life.  They were in the far east and called cyclones, but same thing, different name.  I lived on the little island of Okinawa at the time.  My memories of those storms were, lots of rain and wind.  Trees were downed and the board over our window air conditioner was blown out.  Scary, wild and not over quickly.  They went on and on those cyclones.

But, Okinawa is a volcanic island and I lived up a hill.  The volcanic part made the island drain easily, less flooding. In the irony of ironies, we had day on/ day off water rationing on Okinawa while I was there, and some official got up and turned off the water during the storm.  Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

I watch these big, nasty storms Harvey and Irma as they change and changed lives and wrought destruction. Hurricanes.  Big storms. These are opportunities to practice love, care, and grow in faith.  Because I can recognize if the weather, if the way of my life, was pleasant fluffy clouds day after day, when would I cry out to God for love and help?  I would think--I've got this.

So, my take from this is--we are supposed to love and care for one another.  Ready, set, go.

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