Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our Sacred, Holy Life

I have a friend who is battling ovarian cancer.  The odds aren't good and the evidence supports the odds.  But, she lives each day to the fullest she is able and looks for small goals and small victories, although she would take big victories if they came.  Lots and lots of friends and family support her.  But we can't be her and take away her severe pain and suffering.

I do what I can, and that is to visit her as often as I can.  The things that happen to her are not my concern.  I get a little upset when my more nurse-y friends who visit start to speculate about the course of the illness and what could be happening in the future.  I see the pain and I recognize the reality of where the disease is headed, but it doesn't do me any good to give me that illusion that if I understood it, it would be easier or better in some way.  All I can do is accept the reality.

I am powerless over cancer.  I can't control it.  I didn't cause it and I can't cure it.  I pray for miracles, but I don't expect them.  God has His plans and this is a suffering time.  But, I can visit and talk about silly things and serious things.  I can listen, and get her ice water and pray.

The hospital room is holy ground.  The angels are gathering round and there are numerous prayers.  I can feel the goodness of the Lord, there in that depressing, sad place.  I have come to know in a deeper way the sacred holy lives that we live and the deep place that the Lord is calling us to.  I am not helpless or hopeless and neither is my friend, we  are standing on the holy ground between heaven and earth.  We are called to live that life to the end, to the fullest.

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