Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Vacay

I have gone to school or worked in schools most of my life.  School has a schedule, start, middle, winter drudgery, spring and hope and summer vacation.  Most of the vacations I have ever taken have been in the summer.  It is hot and crowded and have I mentioned hot (?) in the summer.  Sure there is a break at Christmas and a spring break, but I was really never clever enough to plan a real vacation for those times.

This year since the end of the school year to right now feels normal like summer vacation.  It is the time to get the car serviced, errands taken care of, closets cleaned out.  It is the time when there is margin in my life.  I have enjoyed sleeping late to 7:30 even.  I stayed up late a couple of times and watched some late night television (wasn't that good, probably won't do it much). I have taken a few runs to re-purposing stores, cleaning out boxes and closets.  And I need to get my car serviced this week.

But, my life has taken a new twist.  I am retired.  I will not be going back in the fall.  As I like to say, I will never touch a Chromebook again.  I will miss kids and colleagues, but not really the job.  I look forward to the possibility of the fall vacation, of seeing the leaves turn in Vermont or going to a not busy beach in September.  The possibilities are endless.

I used to count the summer days with frenzy and some regret.  When days passed with nothiing fun, nothing done, just wasted days of vacation that I wouldn't get back I felt sad.  But, now, these hot summer days are the prelude, the introduction, the prologue to life.  Life that awaits discovery.  The journey continues....

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