Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Fat Lady Sings....

A decade ago on the first day of school with the kids, the very first day of a new school of a new school year, the school day was called off due to a power outage.  I remember how the day seemed like a dude...all the excitement and then delay.  That day was like--all dressed up and no place to go.  But the second day the kids came because the power was back on and all was forgiven if not forgotten.

Through the years the school had power troubles on windy days and when it rained too hard.  And sunny days for no reason.  There weren't that many outages, but enough.  Recently the power has been pretty reliable.  It seemed as if the line problems were fixed.

Today was the last full day of work, the last full school day of my life.  As I started out to the car to go to work this morning, the cell phone rang.  It was a robo-call.  School was cancelled due to a power outage.  I went anyway just to commiserate with the colleagues about the strangeness of it all.  No make up day either.  Yay!

I went home and took a nap because I had not slept the night before for various reasons.  I wondered what I was going to do with this pre-retirement day.  Then God told me.  The phone rang, the agent had the exact amount I would need for closing on my house on Tuesday.  I could use the afternoon for a trip to the bank.  Then the nurse called from my 95 year old mother's establishment.  I had to drive a paper to the doctor to be signed. This doctor was over 20 miles away.  I had to inform my siblings of the planned move for Mom and I had to schedule an appointment for Friday afternoon.  I needed to get going......

My plan was--school today and clean up to leave forever.  I would stay as late as I needed to, check on the bank thing Friday, and so on,.....change of plans....  But, still tomorrow is the last day the alarm will ring and I will get up and be at school before 8am.  I won't be done....but, I will be working for myself, not a boss.  And tomorrow at 11am, the fat lady will sing.  It ain't over until it is over.  But, it will be over.

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