Thursday, May 18, 2017

Reflecting on the Years

I finished the third and hopefully final retirement party tonight.  I am so happy to think of being done with my job, my current job by the end of next week.  Done.  And although I am usually a sentimental soul, I can only think happy thoughts about leaving my current situation. I hate the broken tablets with keyboards that I deal with, I hate the irresponsibility, the intentional vandalism, the caprious nature of the technology itself.  I am Library Ann, not Techy Sue.

But, it wasn't always this way about my working life.  I have loved my teaching job.  I loved smashing Flat Stanely and squishing him into a envelope.  I loved reading to them, those kids.  I loved boxes and boxes of new books.  I loved alphabet meals and nursery rhymes and multiplication facts and calendars and lining up for the restroom and the marble jar.

I remember when I was teaching third grade and in my early 40s telling the kids to wash their hands after using the restroom.  One little boy chimed up that his mother told him you added five minutes to your life every time you washed your hands.  One little boy, not to be a smart mouth, but in innocence told me that I should go wash my hands a lot because I was old and I could use adding many five minutes to my life.  I was touched by his concern.  Another time I had a student from China whose mother spoke extremely little English.  For Christmas she gave me two bottles of Oil of Olay (back in the day when the only product they made was anti-aging cream). Perhaps there is a theme in those memories.

I had a great time teaching and librarying over the years.  If I didn't love everything, I loved most of the years.  It was a good long run and I am sure there will be things I miss.  And things I won't. But, I will be on to new adventures.  Brand new adventures.  If I can just make it through next week.

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