Monday, May 15, 2017

Mama Drama, Part Dos

I didn't go over to see my mom on Mother's Day.  I was tired and I had some other things going.  My sister went instead.  That was a good thing because my sister got to see Mom at her confused worst.  They talked about more assisted living.  Mom was for it.

I have all kinds of feelings about this.  Relief is the biggest emotion.  I have worried that Mom isn't taking her medicine, isn't eating her meals, isn't keeping her stuff clean.  But, my siblings were all about saying Mom was doing great for her age and seemed okay when they spoke on the phone.

I have offered to host a BBQ on the Saturday after her birthday for our family.  It should be fun.  I can do most of the food in advance.  I hope Mom is up to coming to it. Being 96 is the pits.  I was dreading a cake and punch reception, but a family gathering sounds fun.

I have had to balance my life with Mom's in the honor your father and your mother thing.  I am trying to do the things I need to do to live and be joyful without neglecting Mom.  It is a delicate path.

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