Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Let It Pour

We have been having a lot of rain lately.  Rivers are over-topping their banks.  I thought I heard we had ten inches of rain over the weekend and then there was a lull.  But the rain is back at it today.  Roads are closing, things are molding, and businesses are getting flooded.  Floods are sort of slow motion disasters.  They start out as a simple rain shower, but then the rain either comes too hard and too fast or goes on for too long. All of this rain has gotten me thinking of Noah.  Forty days and forty nights is a depressing amount of rain.

Rain is essential.  I am happy to live on a part of the earth where the rain is abundant and water is not in short supply.  The rain is mainly fine and good.  So many of the images of God involve water.  Water is life giving.

But, with all this rain and flooding lately I have been joking about booking passage on Noah's Ark river cruises, until someone reminded me of the rainbow, God's promise that He will never completely flood the earth again.  So, perhaps I need to book temporary passage on the Rainbow Tours, God's Promise boat ride.  Let it rain.....

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