Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lector/ Lecture, Tomato, Tomato.....

I lectored the second reading at T's funeral yesterday.  It was a beautiful service.  I wish T could have been sitting with us there. She is with Jesus and no longer suffering.  But, despite my hope to see her in Heaven, I miss her.  It was weird being back in my old church after more than a year and lectoring after even longer than that.  I was a lector when that church building opened some years ago now.  Archbishop Burke was our bishop then, so it has been a while.

I was happy to become a lector when that church opened.  My dad was a lector in our small rural church back in the day when they began having lay people do that.  In our small rural church it was always men who were invited to lector in the beginning anyway.  I always thought that was a shame because most of the farmers were not well educated and didn't practice the readings ahead of time.  They butchered all of the names and many of the longer words.  Their wives would have done better.  My dad was an exception to the rule.  He practiced, asked the priest if he didn't know how to pronounce something and he was educated so he knew how to read well.  When I became a lector I felt that connection to my dad who has been gone for over 35 years.

I don't lector at my new parish.  I have a problem with one eye that makes reading in various light difficult at times.  I am divorced and have only begun the annulment process, so I don't feel like putting myself out there either.  But, it was familiar and right to do the readings for T's funeral.

I always pray to be a hollow reed when I lector.  I want to convey the reading with as much meaning as I can put forth, without calling attention to myself.  It is a fail to me if someone tells me I am a good lector.  I would rather they noticed and paid attention to the readings.

And the title of this piece?  Auto correct keeps turning lector into lecture.  It is crazy.  I have to yell at it or something like that to get it to let me lector, lectored, lectoring......  Wouldn't it be terrible if I had lectured at T's funeral? LOL

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