Friday, April 7, 2017

Unequally Yoked

I should by now be an expert on being unequally yoked.  I really should.  But, it still seems to be a lesson that I need to learn something about.  I am praying that I can learn the lesson quickly, offer up the suffering and move on to a more satisfying place.

My struggle at the moment has to do with the technology I am working with as part of my job.  I am the intake, outgo person when the kids break the technology.  They break a lot of technology.  And they all want it fixed yesterday. 

There are things I can do, updates and powerwashes.  I don't have to do those things because I am not the tech but sometimes it is just easier to fix something than to put it on the pile for someone else to do.  So, I try to be helpful to the tech.

My difficulty is that the tech doesn't do his or her job.  He/she rarely even comes to my school.  So broken technology piles up.  And parents call, and administrators call, and teachers call and students call to ask--is it fixed?  when will it be fixed?  why isn't it fixed yet?  And they ask me these questions ALL DAY LONG, not the tech because they can't reach him/her.

Periodically I send out emails asking the tech to do his/her job and I copy the bosses and then he/she shows up and does a couple of things.  And then I don't see him/her until the next time I throw him/her under the bus.  I don't like living this way.  I would rather work with someone than get them in trouble.  I hate being frustrated and angry with all the people who ask, ask, ask about the technology.

I am retiring at the end of this school year.  So my time for this has a limit.  I try to remember that.  I know for sure I don't like being yoked with someone who has a different work ethic than I have.  Sometimes I don't want to be here at all.  I reflect on whether I am adopting his/her work ethic.  I am trying to focus on being the best version of myself.

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