Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maybe It Skips a Generation

I like to think I was a pretty good mom.  I ended up with a great kid, and isn't that the proof?  I loved playing with him when he was little.  I could never get enough of that.  But, in truth, I was more of a book reader, puzzle or Legos gal, or Little Tykes.  I took him to the playground, but I was not the queen of physical comedy. My dad who passed away when my son was not yet two was better at that.  My son's dad was not that much a of player with children.

Recently, when I saw my son and daughter in law, they were telling me how my son is the Pied Piper with his friends kids.  He jumps and lets them lead him around.  He likes the kids.  It reminded me of the way my dad was with kids. My dad would have been described as the Pied Piper with kids.  My son doesn't remember his grandpa.  If I had a wish, that is one thing I would change, that they could have known each other.

But, how did my son naturally develop a love of playing with kids like his grandpa?  Where did he learn it?  I can only conclude somewhere in the way God made him, somewhere in his many gifts, my son got that, like his grandpa......It makes me smile.

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