Monday, April 24, 2017

Let It Slide

I lived in a household for many years that if you didn't keep up on something you were letting it slide. I never particularly liked that.  I am more of a get around to it gal.  But through the years I learned to share the anxiety and I made it my own.  I tried not to let things slide.  If I let things slide I felt guilt or shame.

I am my own boss these days and I am trying out new ways.  I let it slide more often than I should.  What kinds of things, you ask?  Well, dishes can wait patiently in my sink for a day before they get washed.  I crumbed up my rug the other day and I really should vacuum it.  And it took me 2 weeks to replace a light bulb in the can lights in the ceiling.  Eventually, I get around to it.

And maybe there is a happy medium between let it slide and getting around to it and keeping up on things.  And maybe I will find it someday.  But, I have learned that there is really no place in my life anymore for the shame and the guilt and the blame that leads to anxiety.  I am learning to accept myself as I am, the way God made me, the way God sees me.  And rather than feel bad and mad and sad, I sometimes let it slide. And smile about that.

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