Monday, April 3, 2017


Today as I prayed my morning offering I was struck by one word that I had really never paid attention to before.  I offer my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day.  I was always clear on offering the work, the prayers, and the suffering of the day.  It helps to bear the bad stuff when I offer it up.  But I never really thought about offering the "joys."  The joys of this day.  I am allowed to have the joys.

Today is my 38th day from my last day of work.  I don't retire in 38 days, I am not counting weekends and days off.  Just counting the actual days of getting up and coming to school is enough.  Between a new principal being suddenly assigned to replace the old one, the apparent suicide of a former student, and all the broken technology stuff, I am not feeling very joy filled today.  It seems hard, all of it seems hard.

I am offering the hard stuff--the sufferings, but this Lent, this day, I am challenging myself to find the joys.  Where are they, the joys?  I am looking for them in the birdsong I heard this morning, in the friendship I have with some of my fellow teachers, and more, I am watching for more.

That is my offering today, the joys, the hidden joys that I might not notice.  I am pulling out my magnifying glass and looking for them today.

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