Sunday, April 30, 2017

Farewell, T

My friend T was one of the younger members of my women's group.  She was under 5 feet tall, but a dynamo, with a sense of humor and determination.  She was the center of her family.  She had 2 children, young adults, one in college. She had a husband who will miss her terribly.  You couldn't help but like T.  She was friendly.

As she was heard to say--her cancer really loved her because it wouldn't go away.  She had triple negative breast cancer that wouldn't be beaten back.  She worked as many days as she could because her family needed her insurance coverage.  We took her meals and gave her gift cards.  We loved on her.  But, ultimately, in this life, cancer won. At around noon on Sunday, T went home.  Her struggles were over.

And this is the kind of thing that some people blame God for....why does God allow? ? ?  But, I am here to say, this is a fallen world.  There are multiple tragedies every minute.  God didn't cause them.  God loves and brings good out of the tragedies.  And T is with God, singing and dancing.  She can breathe and dance and laugh.  I will miss T.  I hate cancer.  I HATE cancer.  And cancer may have won this battle over T, but ultimately God wins, T wins, eternity wins.....

May God bless you and keep you T.  May you dance with Him forever.  I hope to see you again.

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