Thursday, March 2, 2017

What Can I Learn From This?

Today was a really stressful day.  I dealt with a dozen broken Chromebooks.  I don't in most cases do the repairs.  I assess the fine, order the repair, inform the parents, notify the tech department and once in a while try to solve the software issues.  I figure that one Chromebook takes me an average of 30 minutes to process through my system.  That means that the largest part of my day at work today was spent on Chromebooks.  That is the kind of day that makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed.

I am trying to learn this lesson--invite Jesus to come along and help me with these overwhelming tasks.  If I could be more in tune with God's mercy I think it might go easier.  But, not necessarily. Some things are hard.  Usually there is something I can learn from the challenges that I couldn't learn from more serene times.

So, what can I learn from this head pounding situation today?  That is what I am pondering.  One thing is--I got it done and even worked some other things in.  I made a couple of phone calls on my break instead of working straight through and got some things accomplished for myself.  And God sent me little gifts throughout the day if I had the sense to notice them.  One of the classes made homemade biscuits and brought one to me while it was still warm.  My counselor called in the midst of total chaos and I managed to talk to her for a minute, schedule our final visit, and she even said I sounded great (while I was thinking I sounded like a hot mess). And more than a dozen kids thanked me for helping them today (not always the norm with middle schoolers).  My job has been posted because I am retiring and I received some congratulations from people. And even more.  There are gifts.

The challenge for me will be to leave here in a few minutes and set it all down.  I need to let it be the problems of this day.  I need to start fresh and renew tomorrow morning. And with that said. I'm done.

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