Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Game Is Afoot

I always wanted to say that, "the game is afoot," like in the old murder mysteries, Sherlock Holmes and all of that. I love a good murder mystery.  Anyway, the game is afoot, "it's on" as my school kids would say.  What game?  What am I talking about?  Well, for me today it is Lent.  Still early enough to accomplish things, far enough in, that it doesn't seem brand new.

I began this Lent feeling overwhelmed.  I had a lot of fear and anxiety. I had to sit in prayer and accept God's Mercy and Love.  I had to breathe and remember that anxiety and fear are not from God.  Most of the time worry or anxiety only hurts and never helps a situation. I began Lent full of fear, full of dread, full of anxiety.  I recognized that I had to somehow deal with these emotions before I could be led closer to Christ in Lent. 

I really wasn't even aware that taxes were the thing that was causing me to sweat.  But, Sunday as I was about to climb out of my skin with anxiety, I began to recognize that the cause was fear that I wouldn't be able to do the taxes, couldn't find all the paperwork, couldn't figure out what to do. So, I prayed.  I loaded in the tax program.  I entered in the information and hunted for a couple of additional pieces that I needed.  And snip snap it was done.  And I don't owe anything. This big mountain of fear I had been avoiding was really not that big of a deal.

I know that for some people this is a stretch to say that God used all of this stuff to teach me to trust.  Let go, let God.  Something else I learned is that I have to go after my fears, face them head on, let God teach me and lead me through them.  Once they are faced, most of the anxiety leaves me.  I can move on.  Which is what I am doing with Lent--the game is afoot, I am ready to go where God leads me today.

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