Monday, March 13, 2017

Lenten Journey, Good So Far

Last night I went to a presentation (lecture?) by an academic priest (is there such things?) on Who Killed Jesus that was held at my new parish.  There are 2 more programs in the session.  It was truly fascinating.  He talked about the various sects in Judaism and the political and geographical and sectional influences in Jesus' day.  I learned so much (and he assigned us homework).  It is great to have someone who knows tell you things instead of reading books that have more details than I really wanted to know.  This priest was a good storyteller and he knew his facts, so it was very interesting. 

Sunday evening isn't the best time for many people to go out to a program.  I totally understand that.  People with school children usually have a lot of odds and ends to finish up on a Sunday evening.  But, I am past that stage.  Sunday night is convenient for me.

The church wasn't packed, but full enough.  It was a pretty good turn out.  As I left a gentleman held the door and called me "young lady."  Usually when someone says that to me these days they are joking.  I think he meant it.  As I looked out over the crowd I realized that I was one of the youngest people there.  I was a "young lady."  So, on top of the gift of a really good program at a time that was convenient for me, I got to feel young in the company of my "elders."

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