Sunday, February 12, 2017

Progress, Not Perfection

I am fed up with the mess I am living in.  The living/family room looks like an attack of the paper monster.  It is a mess.  I can't have anyone over, because where would they sit?  And if we moved the paperwork so they could sit down, would we spend the entire time talking about the mess or trying NOT to talk about it?

I have lists and lists of things I need to do to organize this stuff.  I whittle away at it.  I mailed 7 pieces of mail out just today finishing up that many things. But, 2 or 3 more things came in Saturday so by the next time I stop at the mailbox I will probably have more than 7 things to mail because, even though I worked all day Saturday, I still had a few things I was not able to finish.   And don't get me started on taxes. Taxes seem like they may never end.  I just got something in the mail I will need to do the taxes.  At what point will I have everything?  Consequently, things are strewn hither and thither and I probably can find most of the things I need, but when I clean them up, that won't be the case.

I was reading some article in some magazine a while back about disorganized people. I am disorganized enough that i haven't a clue which magazine it was. The part that struck me was, that the disorganized person was told by her counselor that she couldn't get organized because she was a perfectionist.  She argued against that, but came to understand the merit of the analysis.  I am with you, sister.  I would never describe myself as a perfectionist,  but reflecting on it, I can clearly see that I am defeating myself.  I can't get it all cleaned up and looking snazzy, so I don't try.

Except tonight.  I am going to neaten the piles.  It isn't good enough, but it will be progress.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  So tonight, one step toward taming my paperwork nightmare. Progress, not perfection.

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