Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First Things First

First things first seems like such a logical saying.  Of course, if something is first, it is first.  Not illogical like the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  First things first.  Seems like it should be easy.

But in my life, prioritizing was anything but easy.  Emergency, immediacy bumped things to the front, not importance.  When I have a few minutes to breathe and to choose, I have asked myself, what are those first things that should come first?

I have heard several recent speakers liken the first things to the oxygen mask on an airplane.  Put it on yourself before your children or other people.  First things....I wasn't good at that.  I tried to get the most things or everything or the ones that would give me recognition done first.  Truth?  It didn't make me very happy or satisfied or serene.  I often felt like water drops on a hot pan of grease, sizzling and dancing.

This past weekend we had an ice event.  There was little to do except stay home.  Happens I came down with a head cold and a UTI at the same time.  I was pretty miserable, but not in a life threatening way.  My house is a mess, Christmas is packed up but not put away, I have projects and things to do.  But, I did what I had to do and I took a nap.

I felt guilty about that nap, but I needed it.  It started me on the road to healing from the cold.  When I woke up, I understood something, first things first means, take care of myself.  All the things that needed doing could wait. I get to be the first thing.  First things first.

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