Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas Is a Wrap

Yesterday was the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  That officially ends the Christmas season.  Epiphany was Sunday, so the 3 kings have been and gone.  It is now Ordinary Time--not because the time is not important or insignificant, but because it is marked by numbers, not events--ordinal time.

Like many people, I can breathe a sigh of relief that the Christmas season is over.  Everybody is busy.  I was busy.  I changed my name, bought a car, on top of hosting gatherings and buying gifts and making gifts and parties.  There was all that pressure with the pleasure in the Holiday (Holy Day) season.

Last night I got 6 Christmas letters together. Printed off the computer, and signed, addressed and mailed this morning.  It is a pitiful excuse for the 50 or so Christmas cards I used to send, but it makes me feel that at least I made contact with the people I only reach out to once a year or so.  The letters gave me closure that I have finished Christmas this year.

I had more than one Christmas miracle to savor, but one I will report.  Please, ignore that it sounds a little like bragging, I just participated in this miracle.  There is a lady who is a casual friend of mine who was diagnosed with ALS this past year.  It is a terrible disease and it progressed fast for her.  She is now in a wheel chair and uses a device to communicate because she can no longer speak.  I know her through this group and they know I quilt.  I decided to make a lap quilt for her with squares signed by the group.

I started the quilt in November before all the holiday craziness began.  I had some tendon problems with my hands making quilting difficult.  Between the time I started the quilt and now, this friend has stopped coming to the group and has spent time in the hospital.  And here I was painfully quilting a lap quilt for a lady who might not live long enough to receive it.  The point was to let her know we cared, and that wouldn't happen if I never got to give it to her.  There was also the concern of how I would get it to her if I did finish it.

The group we both belong to had a workshop this past weekend.  I decided that I had to have it done then because surely I would see somebody who would see this friend.  Wednesday night as I quilted out toward the edges, I knew that it wasn't going to be finished unless I had one more day to work the binding.  So, I told God, if You want me to get it done this weekend, I am going to need a snow day Thursday to finish it.  We had an inch of snow Thursday morning in the wee hours and they called off school. Yay!

I had the quilt with me Friday night when I checked into the workshop.  Lo and behold, this lady was there for a few minutes before the workshop began.  I was able to let people who had written on the squares see the quilt and then give it to our friend.  It felt like we all gave her a hug.

Truly, if I had planned for a snow day, or that she would be there Friday night, it would not have happened.  I rejoice that I was able to participate in God's plan to show this lady a little tiny bit of love in the midst of a terrible disease.  I heard the angels humming a little Gloria.....and Christmas is a wrap.

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