Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blogging, Everything Old Is New Again

A while back when I began this bloggy journey, I was committed to blogging every single day.  That was aided when during my first year of blogging, I was able to schedule posts ahead, what a concept.  I went at it like a trooper, whether I had anything to say or not.  Blogging was my purpose, my friend, my cure for crushing loneliness. 

I did the daily blog thing until I didn't, couldn't.  I stopped and started for a while.  I completely stayed private on the advice of my attorney for a good long while.  When I felt it was safe to put my feet back in the water, I did.  But, I am still cautious.  I am no longer driven to blog daily. I don't have that much to say.

But, I find I think better when I write things down.  Somehow that part of my brain thinks more deeply and fully about things.  When I write, things start to make sense.

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