Tuesday, January 3, 2017

And a Happy New Year, Happy New Year!

Things have just been busy and busy and busy.  In the space of weeks, I got divorced, changed my name, cooked 3 holiday meals, traded in my car due to a sticky check engine light, decorated, and took Mom to the doctor.  That and the normal living things.  I had a lot of things I didn't do. I still might write Christmas cards to a few folks. I am not done with the endless name changes.

But, at the other side of the "holidays" I have considered how I want to go forward.  The Christmas tree was a hard thing this year because I heard myself being called crazy in court last year because I helped take down the tree.  That proved I wanted to stay married?  Apparently not, because I judge didn't find that I was crazy, but I have some anger in reserve over this. So, I have considered.  What do I want to do for the holidays?

Tradition, that is what I want, to establish new traditions that are meaningful for me during the holidays.  I am figuring out what those are.  I have a feeling they will evolve as my life changes.  But, I am a traditional type of person, and I have come to understand that customs and traditions are important to me.  So, one of my goals, my resolutions if you will, is to establish meaningful traditions for myself going forward.

And that is my word for the year--Tradition!

Have a blessed new year!

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