Monday, December 12, 2016

That was FAST!

After my few days of needles and pins, the house had an offer.  After a little back and forth we had a deal.  It closes next month.  It is such a blessing, such a relief.  It sold in 7 days, record time.  Could I have gotten more money?  Probably, if I had wanted to hold on and wait, but time is money, there are the payments, the utilities, the possible calamities that could happen.  Sold!  I can't wait to see that on the sign. There are still some hurdles, but I trust God has a plan.

I find myself wondering if this theology correct, but in God's mercy He hasn't taken me to task over it.  I offered the arthritis pain in my knee and my hands after the house went up for sale for the intention of a quick sale of the house.  I figured that was a form of prayer and fasting.  And whether it is correct to try to sway God with this sort of prayer or not, He let the house be sold fast.  It was His Will, not mine. In my prayers, I told Him that it was His choice. 

So, that was fast.  The house will soon be sold and soon all the connections to a past life will be gone.  I wish I felt regret.  I feel peace and happiness and joy.  I put up the Christmas tree this weekend in my new digs.  I changed some things about the tree, color of tinsel, some new ornaments.  I had to.  The tree brought memories of the way I was tricked and used last year.  My willingness to help someone take down the tree was used to try to prove I was crazy.  It didn't work, but it settled for me that I was doing the right thing and I needed to feel no regrets.

And all I can say is--Thanks, God.  That was FAST!

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