Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lessons Learned, Prices Paid

Someone tried to cheat me out of $130 today.  It isn't such a large sum of money that it would have caused me a great deal of trouble.  But, it was enough.  It was enough especially since I know for a fact that the person who tried to cheat me has more money than I do.  Why did they need to cheat me? 

But, before I gave the money over someone else told me to question the amount.  When I did I discovered the discrepancy.  I asked the person about it and there was a rather flimsy excuse that ultimately meant, I didn't think you would check, I thought you would just trust me and pay.

I didn't and I am not going to pay the extra $130.  But, I did some praying about it.  Why, Lord, why?  And I didn't get the answer to why the attempt to cheat me was made.  I got the answer that I have brains in my head and I need not trust people who have proven their dishonesty.  I need to be smarter.

That doesn't mean that I should be anxious or suspicious all the time.  It doesn't mean I shouldn't trust people.  But, I shouldn't trust dishonest people.  It all has to do with setting boundaries and limits and not accepting unacceptable behavior.  Those are lessons I need to learn.  I am being taught. One day at a time.

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