Monday, December 5, 2016

Human Being

When I was a young child I thought human beings were human beans.  I knew what beans were, I didn't know what beings were.  So both words made equal amounts of sense.  What is a being anyway?  After I learned the correct word I didn't think too much about beings.

Over the years I heard advice from counselors, friends, spiritual directors to slow down and take some time, not to do so much.  My busy-ness distracted me from the spiritual part of myself.  My human "doing" took away from my sense that I was God's beloved.  I thought I had to keep doing to deserve the grace and mercy I received. At least that is the only way I can explain it.

I received that message again recently.  Slow down.  Spend some quiet time.  Don't quit on important things, but spend some time not running here and there. Be.  Beloved.  Just breathe.  Listen to the quiet. Know God's presence.  He doesn't ask what I have accomplished.  Become a human being, precious and special just as I am.  Be.

So I reflect on being.  Not being a Mexican jumping bean, but a person who is valuable outside of anything I do or accomplish. I can't entirely give up the doing part of myself.  I am a do-er.  But, I am trying to process and plan this Advent to spend more time listening to silence and hearing the voice of God.  I am working on the human being.....

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