Monday, November 21, 2016

Sing Praise

As the end of the church year is upon us, and the end of the calendar year is not far off, I look with joyful anticipation to the rebirth of the new church year, the new calendar year, my own changes in living.  I praise the Lord who led me here to this place where I can start over despite my age, the injuries that have happened to me, the challenges I face.

I can be renewed.  I am being renewed and transformed.  I have learned that the past is the past and it isn't about regret or guilt or sadness.  I rejoice in the good gifts I have received and I am leaving the trash at the curb. There is no reason to go through the trash again.  There is a life and opportunities and joy to be had ahead of me.  This is true whether I only live one more day or if I would (shudder) live into old old age like my mother is doing now.  I look forward to dancing with Jesus when my life is done.  That will be true peace, true joy.

As this week of Thanksgiving begins, all I can thiink of is joy and praise.  The Lord led me through the sea and the desert of my life.  There will be challenges ahead.  What is life without some problems?  The challenges make it interesting and give me opportunities to grow in trust.  The Lord still leads me.  For this day and all the days that have passed and all the days to come, I sing praise.

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