Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rejoice, Again, I Say Rejoice

I am working daily to keep the philosophy--This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.....  This is my spiritual awakening, I can choose to be a person of gloom and doom and complain about the circumstances of my life, or I can decide that this very moment is the best moment of my life and a gift from God.  And which  attitude makes me happier?

I suppose this is something I have always known.  That I could choose to be happy despite the circumstances.  I just wasn't able to do it.  I had too much fear and anxiety going on.  I was pleasing others, accepting unacceptable behavior, and trying to keep the situations of my life under control so that I wouldn't be blamed or shamed.  The realization that God is good, all the time and I don't have to spend my life worrying has been a slow process.  The past led me into depression.

Now, everything isn't perfect.  The circumstances of my life still have major problems at times.  I am trying to get a house ready to sell instead of prepare for Thanksgiving at the place I am living.  My car has turned out to be an oil burner and will need to have the engine rebuilt or something.  I had hoped to trade it in before 100,000 miles, but that wasn't to be.  I want to retire at the end of this school year, but I can't know about whether this will be possible unless or until the court case is settled.  And on and on.  But, I can choose not to worry about these things.  I can choose not to obsess or ponder on the things I have no control over.  I can accept that there is a lesson to learn and joy to be found despite the circumstances.  Earth is not my final home.  I have eternity.  I have hope.  I can find joy.

Rejoice in the Lord always, again, I say, Rejoice.

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