Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Processing, from the Inside Out

I have an old slow computer.  Lots of time I spend several minutes watching the little wheel spin at the cursor while it attempts to go where I have directed it to on the world wide super highway.  My computer is slowly processing.  I guess the spinning wheel thing helps it to think.  I need to process things in my life and I find, like my old computer that I need some time to process.

I don't have a spinning wheel to go round and round, instead I use my brain and my fingers.  I used to employ a pencil or pen and paper, but these days, it is easier with the computer.  I write to help me process things.  It really helps.  During the act of writing truths are revealed to me. I often see things more clearly.  I can sometimes hear how whiny I sound about things that are unpleasant.  Writing helps me to question and think deeply.  Sometimes the light of day comes in and I change my course after I have written things down.  The processing happens somehow during the writing.

In some teaching of writing class I had somewhere in my educational career I remember something about different parts of the brain for writing and speaking. Writing goes deeper into the brain or something like that. All I really know about it is that in writing I can see things that I didn't see before.  Writing also helps me to express emotions that are far inside. The Holy Spirit whispers things to me.

This blog is one of my methods of processing.  I try not to rip someone apart or just display my anger or displeasure with another person directly.  They are entitled to be who they are, if that is hurtful to me, then I need to process it.  Looking back over recent posts, I recognize that I process a lot of aches and hurt on this blog.  I write about it to understand and move past the painful place.  Sometimes like the slow old computer that I own, I am slow in processing.  When that happens I write about the same topic over and over again.  But, I am here to report that eventually things do get better and I finish processing and move on in my thoughts and my life.  Like Advent, the slow processing parts of my life come to an end and I am on to Christmas.

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