Friday, November 4, 2016


As part of my healing process from depression I decided that I needed something else alive at my place. Other than the wolf spiders that seem to patrol at night, I mean. I would have to pay more for rent if I got a dog and cats aren't permitted, so I had limited options.  I really wasn't sure I wanted a big commitment.  I didn't want anything sensitive and needy and fragile.  I like birds and so parakeets were a temptation.  But, they need someone every day and I want to be able to travel.

I have done aquariums before.  The 20 gallon tank with the under-gravel filter and all of that.  For a while some years ago there were 2 tanks going and baby fish (mollies, if memory serves).  The tanks didn't require that much work and were certainly beautiful and fun.  But, I didn't want to do all of that.  One of the reasons the tanks were taken down had to do with power outages and fish loss.  When you don't have power, there isn't much you can do, but watch the fish die.

So, if I were going to do fish, it had to be easy, easy, easy, very easy.  I know a science teacher who can give 8000 reasons why anything except a fully set up aquarium is cruel and harmful to the fish.  Her opinions gave me pause.  But, I decided that I wasn't sure that I agreed with her. Besides, fish is fish.  I rescued a betta living in a little cup in a large discount store.  I got a nice sized bowl, water conditioner, special food and sparkly flat marbles for the bottom of the bowl.  I chop up a pea once a week to keep his digestion working properly.  I change the water weekly and water the plants with the old water.

I named him Jack.  I wanted some special literary name.  I toyed with a fancy name like Jacques Bloo Ragu.  But, mostly when I come in at night I say--Hi, Jack and I laugh at my cleverness.  So, Jack he is.  And Jack is a fine literary name--Jack and Jill, Jack be nimble, Jack and the beanstalk, and on and on.  I have a fish.  He is blue.  I named him Jack.

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