Friday, November 18, 2016

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, Toot, Toot

I am not actually sure why, but when I was a really little girl, under 5 years old, I loved Popeye.  I didn't like Olive Oyll, I loved Popeye.  I admired his muscles and terrible singing and that he always fought for right.  I would play Popeye like some kids play superheroes today.

Lately I have had some setbacks in my life.  Things I have been waiting for have not come to fruition. They have taken a long time and cost more money than they should have in my view.  I have trusted in the Lord and He has brought me through day by day.  In miraculous ways, he has brought me though it all.  I am learning to say in the midst of crisis and doubt, Jesus, I trust in You.  What ever happens will be better than I had planned.

In the midst of life recently, I realized how tired I was of all my recent trials.  The open ended nature of my life was getting to me.  I really did trust, but I talked to God about how long it was taking and how uncertain my future was.  I didn't think I could keep going with the uncertainty.  I didn't have any other choices, but I was finding it hard to hope to believe that an end to the trials would finally happen.

As I prayed this, I thought of Popeye.  I had not thought of Popeye in years, maybe decades.  But the little song that Popeye sang so poorly came to mind and I sang along.  I got my answer.  These days when the trials seem long and hard and endless, I am building up muscles to handle future trials.  These days are my spinach.  I will be strong to the finish......

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