Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tour De Bloggers

In 2016 I took a little trip, started out with my sister and then I gave her the slip, I didn't take the bacon, but I ate a lot of beans and I met friends in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa and I wore some mighty smelly jeans.....

Since I have been reading / writing blogs I have come to know in an intimate personal way some very nice people.  When I have read daily about their thoughts, dreams, challenges, and daily struggles, I have come to feel as though I knew them.  Kind of like celebrities, only more real....

Some of these gals have gone on to become real celebrities and authors...Pioneer Woman, Jennifer Fulwiler, Melanie Shankle, Sophie Hudson.....And some are just celebrities to me.  Some of them, I have followed to other social media and for various reasons, few of us are still blogging.  But, some of these friends, have been mine for 7 years or more.  I have seen pictures of their children, their grandbabies, their runt pigs, their dreams of chickens, husband's job search, favorite recipes, most embarrassing moments.  I know most of them better than I do most of my friends in real life.

So, when I had a gap of time just waiting for changes to happen in my life, it made sense to me to go around and meet these people.  So, in the middle of June, I did.  I took a little trip.  I stayed at houses of people I didn't know. I ate their food.  I petted their dogs and read to children.  Every one of them was welcoming.  Every one of them was delightful. I would buy the house and move next door to them all, were it possible.

My son got married soon after I got home and then I took another trip and then school started so I never got around to the nice thank you notes I had planned to write.  This in no way makes up for that error, but I want to publically thank Jody and Sharon and Tami for their sweet generosity to me in June.

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