Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Carpal Tunnel, Stab 2

I had both my hands "done" for carpal tunnel syndrome this spring.  The surgery was an immediate success.  I can't even say that it was very painful. My hands were a little stiff and sore, but other than that, yay!  Before the surgery my fingers had almost no feeling.  I would stab myself with a needle while quilting and wouldn't know until the deep pain alerted me to the injury.  I looked at such tasks as sorting or moving papers and processing books and wondered how I would do them with my useless hands.

Feeling was restored in my fingers immediately after the surgery.  It was wonderful, a miracle.  I even had leave from work for almost a month in the beautiful spring weather.  Carpal tunnel surgery was the best thing since sliced bread.  I could quilt again and sort papers and process books. Success!

Then sometime last month many months after the initial surgery I started to notice that my thumbs were sore.  Not a little bit sore, but screaming in pain if I touched them in the tender spot sore.  The nerves were inflamed.  And sadly, more in my right dominant thumb than in my left.

Consulting Dr. Google, my first line physician of choice, I discovered that some people have this problem.  The good Doc didn't give me a good solution for this.  Physical therapy, maybe.  So, I rubbed my sore thumb and massaged the nerve leading to it. I stretched with rubber bands and tried to imagine what other painful and difficult thing the PT might have me do.  The thumbs have gotten a little better.  I have hope that I might eventually get over this problem.  Even if I don't, I wouldn't trade the carpal tunnel surgery.  It gave me back so much.

The lesson for me is that in this world there are troubles.  Learning to move forward and not to be caught in regret and second guessing myself is the best way to live.  Carpal tunnel surgery was a success and now I have a new challenge.

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