Friday, April 1, 2016

Lost in Space

Remember that television show? Lost In Space.  My family watched it every week when I was a kid.  "Warning Will Robinson, warning," the robot would say.  There was an element of Gilligan's Island, wrapped up with Lassie, wrapped up with Star Trek in that show.  I don't remember much plot, just situations of danger and rescue.  A little moral lesson taught every week.

Like that long ago television show, the blog has gone off-line.  I heard the robot say--Warning, warning, danger, danger and finally I took it down.  I miss it terribly, this little blog of mine.  And I was having really high stats this year until I figured out that I was being stalked, and not in a good way.  So, because of one bad apple, everybody suffers, especially me.  I miss this place, this space to share my hopes and dreams and thoughts.  It wasn't going to change anybody's world but mine.

I have learned this--if you are being stalked, try being a boring gray rock.  If that doesn't work, hide until the danger passes.  Warning, Will Robinson, warning......

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