Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Should" Christians Be Depressed?

Somebody said something to me about depression that surprised me.  They said something to the effect that Christians shouldn't be depressed because of the belief in Christ and the Resurrection.  I get the belief in Christ and the Resurrection part of joy and hope in a person's life.  So, where does depression fit into that?

The thing the person who said that to me wasn't understanding is that depression may be like a sad hopeless feeling, but it is really an illness.  No one would say, surely no one would say, "Christians should not have broken legs." or "Christians should not get cancer."  This is a fallen world and stuff happens.

There is not a moral lapse in my soul because I suffered depression.  I suppose I might say that if I didn't seek and follow the direction of someone who could help me, perhaps that would be a moral lapse.  I suffered depression, and I was lucky because a combination of therapy and medication helped me tremendously.  I no longer feel depressed.  But, if I turned away from therapy and stopped the medication, there is a good chance I would be right back in the hole I crawled out of.

I believe that if you have an illness, you should seek help.  Christ didn't come to teach us to tough it out and suffer everything life throws at us.  There are some sufferings that can't be helped or prevented.  Some things just need to be endured.  But, a loving God, I believe, wants me to be the best version of myself.  For me, that means finding a way to live with the depression without being depressed.

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