Monday, March 28, 2016

Carpal Tunnel, Stab One

Around the age of 50 I began to notice that my hands would tingle and go numb.  My family is rather prone to carpal tunnel syndrome (Mom and oldest brother and grandma).  We are no strangers to speaking of hands that drop things and hurt.  Some of those relatives had surgery for the condition and were relatively or completely satisfied by the results.

The first doctor I was referred to for the condition, I didn't like.  He asked me how many surgeries I had sought as though I were a drug abuser looking for a fix.  And he never sat still during our interview, I left his office concluding he wouldn't be doing any surgery on me.

My general practice doctor persisted asking me every year how the carpal tunnel was coming along.  I didn't pursue surgery again for quite a while.  I tried splints and exercise and letting my hands rest.  Until finally last fall I concluded that my hands were becoming useless appendages and I would either have carpal tunnel surgery or my hands cut off, one or the other.

Fortunately, my doctor was ready with a new referral.  I liked this doctor.  I went for a nerve conduction test.  Yes, I did have severe carpal tunnel, yes, he could fix it.  So last week I had one hand done.  Out patient center.  Bandages off quickly, not that much pain and this first hand no longer goes numb and tingles like the other hand still does.  I am looking forward to having the complete set finished.

Carpal tunnel surgery, if you need it I recommend it.  Not fun, but the results are great.

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