Saturday, March 5, 2016

Busy Bee

My family owned a small weekly newspaper for several years that was called The Bee.  I always thought it was rather a strange name for a paper.  I tended to think of the letter B rather than the insect when I said the name.  But, on reflection, I suppose I can see that the bee referred to in the newspaper title indicated the busy-ness of the community and the flitting around that the publisher/editor/reporter had to do to put out the paper every week.  Bees are busy.

I have always been fairly busy.  It seemed that life was one task after another.  No day and no task was ever really complete.  Sometimes I rested whether that jobs were done or not.  I even filled in with some fun creative projects like the baby quilts I make or crocheting something.  But, I never felt like I had enough "people" time or enough fun to sustain myself.  Life seemed like a drudge.  I suppose that a good part of that was the depression I suffered from.

But, these days, I am a busy bee.  I don't spend nearly as much time quilting or crocheting.  I don't watch much television.  I am doing a lot of things with people.  I painted pots one weekend.  I watched several movies with friends.  I have gone out for dinner a number of times.  I had anticipated that I might have more solitary time when I was no longer part of a couple.  Instead, like a bee I flit and fly and have some many things to do.  I enjoy being with other people.  I enjoy broadening my horizons and my outlook.

In my current life, free from the stress of constant responsibility and criticism, free to pray and be myself and not have someone making demands upon me, I am so close to God.  I am so close to feeling whole and happy and alive to the person God made me to be.  Today I am a busy bee.

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