Monday, February 22, 2016

Carpal Tunnel, Not the Brooklyn Bridge

So, another medical thing to write about.  I have carpal tunnel problems with both my hands.  Tingling, numb, hurting hands.  This is especially true for my thumb and adjacent two fingers.  I don't know how people lived with this before the surgery was available.  It wakes me up, it makes me drop things, this carpal tunnel of mine.

Sometime next month I am having the right hand done and then 2 weeks later the left hand.  It will involve 4 weeks off of school.  I have the sick days and with FMLA it should be no problem taking them.  There are several reasons for not waiting for summer to do this.  The primary reason is that my son is  getting married in July and I want this thing to be a distant memory.  I may be moving before then so I want my hands to work for that.  And there are even more things that I won't mention, but are factors in my life.

I have had this carpal tunnel for a while and it is pretty severe.  Just for future reference, I don't advise waiting 12 years like I did to get the surgery.  In my experience, this just doesn't go away.  Don't suffer with tingling painful hands, get that tunnel cleaned out.

(I will let you know how it goes in a few weeks.)

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