Monday, February 29, 2016


I used to be a mover,
And a shaker,
Not that what I moved or shook had a big impact on the world.

I moved and shook, made things happen in my own life,
And the lives of those I loved.
I did what I could to make things right, to help.
And when I couldn't do anything else, I prayed.

Then I came to know and understand that life happens.
It isn't bad to do and to help.
It just all doesn't depend on me.

God has it worked out, regardless of the way I want it to go.
I have found a new way, a better way.
I accept life as it unfolds,
I acknowledge that there is a plan greater than my own.

God is the mover and the shaker.
Sometimes I have a part, and sometimes I don't.
I trust in God.
It is a happier way to live.

I pray to come to know and to accept His plan.
I pray to draw closer to the source of life.
I pray to grow in faith.
I pray and rejoice.

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