Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mouse Tales

Forgive my lack of photos for this story.  I do a better illustrated story than a word story.  But, anyway, here goes.....

Saturday night in the kitchen in the place where I am currently staying I heard a rustling sound that spoke to me of mouse.  I spent some of my growing up years in an old farmhouse and I am no stranger to mice.  But, it has been a long time since I was up close and personal with one.  Living 30 years with cats may be part of that reason.  But, apartment living has its charms, and one of them is the occasional vermin.

Investigating, I discovered an ugly charcoal gray mouse working on a muffin paper by the trash in the kitchen. He was reluctant to crawl under the stove and leave the delight of that delicious paper treat, but hearing me yell tipped the scale in the direction of prudence.  He who eats and runs away will live to eat another day.

It was bedtime and I didn't have the courage to go on an adventure looking for an all night store that sold mouse traps or poison or what ever I needed to eliminate this pest.  I got very little sleep.  I closed the door to the bedroom, but I knew that there was enough room for a mouse to enter under it.  And in the middle of the night I was sure I heard him come into my room.  Very little sleep was had by me from Saturday into Sunday.

Sunday, I shopped for the equivalent of mouse WW III. I got poisons, sticky tape, traps and live traps.  Whatever it took.  I was prepared.  I set them up.  No action until I turned off the light for bedtime.  I heard the trap snap.  I smiled, I rested easy.  When I got up several hours later to use the facilities I peeked in the kitchen and sure enough, the mouse was caught by the tail.  I knew that wasn't a good thing, but decided that dispatching mice was not going to send my back to dreamland.  I left him there,

And as you can guess, in the morning he was gone.  Gone. So, I was not mouse free.....yet. I didn't reset the trap, but I left the other things out, the sticky strip especially.  I sweetened the pot so to speak by putting some smelly blue cheese and a small tidbit of chicken right in the middle of the sticky board.

When I got home on Monday the mouse was stuck.  While I briefly felt sorry for a creature who had met his end at my hand, I was also happy to be mouse free.  No pets is my motto from now.  Wild or tame, no pets.

But, I thought about what I know of mice.....Where there is one mouse there are probably 2.  Where there are two there are probably more.  I left the traps out.  Sure enough at 4am on the day that was to dawn as Thursday I heard the rustle of mouse, stuck to the page.  And another one bites the dust. 

I am now all in committed to mouse elimination.  It is them or me and I will not be had.  I won't say "bring it" but I also won't cry "uncle."  The war on mice has only just begun.


Dawn said...

Ugh. I don't envy you this problem. We lived in an apartment once with a rat problem. The only thing that solved it for us was when we moved out. :(

Mary said...

I bought a Frederick stuffed mouse to sit on my bed at the new place. I smile at the reminder that I no longer am fighting the mouse wars. :)