Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy, Happy New Year

I know, I know, I am later than late. Things are stacking up for the new year.  Not, nicely, but moving along.  I expect this year to be a rough go, at least in the first half of the year.  I expect there to be change and troubles and mountains to climb.  But, I have hope for joy and freedom.  I have hope that for the first time in a long, long time, I do not have to accept bad treatment directed toward me. Somebody else does not get to trick and confuse me and call me crazy or even severely depressed. Ironically the patron saint I pulled out of the random saint generator was a name I never heard of St. Guntramnus. He is the patron of bad marriages.  I can relate.  I think we may do a lot of praying together this patron saint and I. 

For this year, I will meditate on an image in my mind of Jesus dancing through a field.  I am invited to dance with Him.  It is my year to dance with Jesus.  I am not much of a dancer, but in my mind I can dance.

I have been to the mountaintop or was it the courtroom? I discovered that some people are meaner, nastier and more tricky than I am.  That is not my problem.  I don't have to associate with such people.  I can move on......That is what new years are for, a fresh start, moving forward.
Happy New Year!

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