Saturday, December 19, 2015

Into the Silence/ Being Heard

When I saw the direction my life was going many months ago, I shut down the blog.  Hope Echoes was about a woman striving to be a good example, a woman who felt responsible for her choices, and essentially it was a blog written by an extremely depressed person who could not handle the circumstances of her life.

She made the most important decision of her life with haste and without caution.  She thought she knew better or was lucky or would make it work out anyway.....  Sometimes those reckless decisions work out and sometimes they don't.

I have realized that I am no role model for anyone else.  I am a sinner striving to find God.  My hope is in the Gospel.  I have learned to trust God more, myself less, and to move in the ways that bring hope and joy and freedom.

So, I am breaking the silence.  I am not an example for anyone else.  But, I have things to share and to write about.  I may be more circumspect about what I share, less open.  But, that is the place where I am these days.  I have once again found a voice.  I will proclaim the love of my Lord and the benefits and blessings of my life.

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