Thursday, December 24, 2015

And a Hush Came Over the Crowd

Do you remember a sacred moment when the holy and the awe of the holiness of God infused your soul?  If you remember such a moment, I bet you come back to it in your mind and even try to recreate it in your life.  Or maybe that is just me.

In my memory one such holy moment was the first midnight Mass I attended on Christmas while I was in high school.  The little village church we attended was very old.  It had one of those elaborate carved altars the German people liked to create in churches throughout the Midwest.  The church had evergreen trees with clear white bulbs up in the little altar area, still surrounded by a Communion rail.  The music at this church was generally not all that lovely, a wheezy organ and not high caliber singers, good enough, but not memorable.

On that Christmas eve I remember the singing as lovely and clear.  The church was lit by candles and those trees before Mass.  I remember being sleepy and yet alert.  The singing, the Mass, the Christmas celebration was sacred and holy and lovely.  It is a moment I recall when I need a sense of awe and wonder in my life.

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